Stats and Reasons for Plastic Surgery

According to the latest results from the year 2012, the most common optional surgery for children is correcting stick-out ears, for women it’s breast augmentation, for men the choice was liposuction. When you turn the page where the caption reads the 3 most “popular” reasons for people to get plastic surgery, it becomes a different story. Here are the facts:

In 2012 the top 5 plastic surgery procedures were as follows:

#1 – Breast augmentation – 286,000 which made up about 7 percent of women who went under the knife.
#2 – Nose reshaping – 243,000 which included both men and women. There was no change from 2011.
#3 – Eyelid surgery – 204,000 which included both men and women amounting to 4 percent.

And here are the last two that made the top 5:

#4 – Liposuction surgery – 202,000 that included both men and women and amounted to about 1 percent.
#5 – Facelift surgery – 126,000 that included both men and women and amounted to 6 percent.

In searching for popular reasons why people opt for plastic surgery, the pages and answers would stretch longer than your body. Most of the top answers won’t produce much of a surprise to anyone. See if these reasons match your personal reasoning:

#1 – Insecurity about their current appearance; noses and a face change or tightening led the list.
#2 – A chance to erase their existing age conundrums and look younger. This selection was nearly a tie with insecurity but many men and women were hesitant because of the cost and chances the surgery wouldn’t turn out the way they thought.
#3 – Other reasons for taking the trip down the cosmetic aisle were to please a husband or wife or other partner.

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